Best Lunch Spots in Vail

Vail is well known for its ski hills, but you'll also find amazing places to eat here. Read on to learn about the best lunch spots in Vail.

Posted December 12, 2023

Ready for lunch at Snowgums Restaurant inside the Perisher Valley Hotel.

Hanging out at Vail Resort? No matter what your activity, chances are you're going to build up an appetite. Wondering what the best restaurant in Vail is for lunch? There are many options for great food, so if you’re at the resort for a few days, you may enjoy trying a new place each day and deciding for yourself which offers the best lunch in Vail. 

On Mountain Dining & Lodges  

Plentiful on mountain dining options give skiers and families a variety of restaurants for their skiing lunch stop. Plan a stop at one of these ultra-scenic locations and enjoy some of the best lunch fare on the mountain while soaking in world class views. Located on the mountain, these restaurants have seasonal access for the winter and may not be accessible in summer. 

The 10th 

If you’re looking for an upscale lunch at a relaxing and elegant restaurant, The 10th, located at Mid Vail, is the perfect spot to dine during the ski season. One of the more popular ways to enjoy this restaurant is to purchase the Lift & Lunch package at the ticket office in Vail Village. It gets you up the mountain on Gondola One and provides a credit toward your lunch. 

The restaurant's giant windows give you a wonderful view as you lunch, so don’t miss it. If you're wondering how it got its name, "The 10th" is in honor of the Vail founders and the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division, which trained in the area during WWII. 

Bistro 14 

Another of the best lunch spots in Vail, Bistro 14 provides an impressive view of the Mount of the Holy Cross. It can be found at the top of Eagle Bahn Gondola and is open during the ski season. When skiing, you can easily access the restaurant from the slopes. It's renowned for its burgers, but if you want to try something a little more exciting, the cheesesteak is mouthwateringly good. The patio is also a good place to enjoy a spiked cider or a glass of wine on a warm day. 

Wildwood Smokehouse 

Don’t even consider going anywhere else if you’re in the mood for BBQ. There may be other BBQ restaurants in the area, but Wildwood is definitely the only one you need. It requires taking Chairs 3 or 7, but once you’re up on top of Vail Mountain, you won’t regret it. The view is stunning, of course, but the food is so good it will likely distract you. Like many other mountainside restaurants, Wildwood is only open during the ski season. 

You'll get real Memphis-style barbeque high in the mountains at the smokehouse, loaded up with the best sides imaginable. Fluffy cornbread, waffle potatoes, coleslaw, and traditional macaroni and cheese are all available to pile onto your plate for an unforgettable best lunch in Vail. 

Buffalo’s Roadhouse Grill 

Sometimes, after a morning on the slopes, you just want some comfort food, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at this roadhouse grill. The chili and the bison stew are tasty and warming and give you that home-cooked meal feeling. They both come with cornbread that is perfect for dipping or simply spread with butter. Just plan to get here a little early for the best lunch in Vail because it is very popular. 

Many people recommend using this place as a meetup spot since it’s at the top of Vail Mountain and is easy to reach from three different lifts. As such, it's only available during the ski season. 

Two Elk Lodge 

In a hurry? Two Elk Lodge is a beautiful lunch spot in Vail where you can grab a quick meal. The location is perfect, as the restaurant is set at the top of Vail Mountain. This lodge high on Vail Mountain on the way to the back bowls is a true gem for those seeking views with their lunch.  If you're going with a friend, you may want to split a dish, since the portions are huge. The Epic Burger is the real standout on the menu, but you'll also find some interesting cultural varieties such as ramen bowls and pozole. Don’t forget to bring your camera and take advantage of the photo ops. Again, this is a winter-only dining spot, so plan accordingly if you're at Vail Resort in the summer. 

Mid-Vail Restaurant 

This place is best known for its pulled pork and burrito bowls, which you can't miss if you're in the area. On warm days, the grain salad is a good option, but if you want to warm up, you'll enjoy the hot ramen noodles or the burrito bowl.  

Mid-Vail is popular for those who want a quick lunch before getting back to skiing. It's a slopeside restaurant, so you can ski up to it and head inside, or sit outdoors. Enjoy a beer with your meal, if you like, and chat with the friendly staff. This is a place that you can only access during the ski season. 

In Vail Village 

If you aren't on the mountain skiing there are fantastic lunch spots in Vail Village to give your whole crew plenty of options. For classic eateries and convenient access, these are some of the local's favorite lunch spots in Vail.  

Vendetta’s Restaurant 

More in the mood for Italian food? Vendetta’s won’t disappoint. This eatery is conveniently located in Vail Village and is the perfect spot for après as it offers great food, but also amazing drinks and a full range of cocktails. You may very well see the Ski Patrol stopping in once they’ve finished their sweep. 

Serving Vail patrons since 1983, Vendetta's is best known for its pizzas. However, many people also praise the lasagna, which is rich and filling...the perfect comfort lunch food after a long morning on the slopes. It's notable that this restaurant is also quite accommodating with food allergies and offers alternatives to many of the more common ingredients. 

Almresi Restaurant 

Vail's mountains and the Swiss Alps seem almost one and the same when you dine at Almresi, an Alp-themed restaurant located at the Top of Bridge Street in Vail Village. Foodies delight in the authentic Swiss-Austrian food here, such as rosti, kaiserschmarren, and bratwurst. Don't miss the pretzel and beer appetizers, as these are a must-try lunch item. You may also warm up with a delicious potato cheese soup.  

For the main meal, the bratwurst and sauerkraut are highly recommended, but the real showstopper here is the fondue. Dip bread and vegetables into a pot of melty cheese for a wonderful eating experience. While everything on the menu is excellent, people particularly rave about the short ribs. This family owned restaurant can provide a change of pace if you crave a new culinary experience and dishes more like those eaten after skiing in central Europe. 

Los Amigos 

It will likely come as no surprise that Los Amigos offers Mexican fare. Located in Vail Village at the base of Gondola One and the deck overlooking the mountain, it's a fun place to visit. One of the great things about this restaurant is that they will deliver your lunch and even include margaritas in their delivery. If you’re too tired after skiing to bother walking to a place for lunch, just contact Los Amigos to enjoy some delicious burritos, nachos, tacos, and other delicious Mexican food. 

There are plenty of options for the best lunch in Vail, but in the end, it comes down to what you personally prefer. Everyone has their preferences, whether it’s Italian or Mexican food. Pick your spot and enjoy a meal with a friend or on your own.