Favorite run on the front side and favorite run in the Back Bowls?

My favorite on the front side is Lindsey’s. My favorite Back bowl is Sun Down Bowl.

One piece of advice for beginners in their first lesson?

Learning new things can be very exciting. Try to live in that moment and celebrate all the milestones. Ask lots of questions and if you’re not understanding something, ask your instructor to explain it in a different way. Go at your pace and to solidify your skills. Practice makes Progress.

Why should intermediate and advanced guests take lessons?

I’ve had many intermediate and advanced students take lessons and tell me that they feel like they have hit a plateau in their riding. I’ll introduce a concept and most people respond with “I didn’t know I could make my snowboard do that” or “I never would have thought to move that way”. You don’t know what you don’t know, so having an instructor to guide you through some new concepts or offer clear feedback can help you to make a lot of progress in your riding or skiing.

Favorite part of teaching or being an instructor/guide?

I get to spend my days with people from all over the world. I love connecting with people and watching them smile at the end of an awesome day on the mountain.

Go to spot for après in the village?

Vail Brewing Company

Vail is turning 60 this year....what is your favorite decade at Vail and why?

This one. I love living in the moment. 

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