7 Best Coffee Shops in Vail for that Morning Pick-Me-Up

If you're looking for the best coffee in Vail, narrow your search to one of these amazing coffee shops near the resort.

Posted January 8, 2024

A couple enjoys freshly brewed coffee at their lodge in Northstar, CA.

If a cup of coffee is your go-to morning drink, mid-adventure pick-me-up, or afternoon treat, then finding the best coffee in Vail is key to an impeccable vacation experience. Fortunately, the resort and town of Vail are profuse with exceptional coffee. You'll be pleased to discover it's almost as much a local obsession as craft beer and snow sports!  

Coffee shops in Vail are numerous and mostly excellent, but they're not the only places to seek the best coffee in Vail. From chic European-inspired bistros to all-American diners to grab-and-go dining options on the mountain, your own perfect brew might be somewhere unexpected. 

Treff Cafe 

At the luxurious Sonnenalp Hotel at Vail Resort, conveniently located in Vail Village, Treff Cafe puts a European spin on some of the best coffee in Vail. The space is enticing, with an open and light-filled interior offering tables and bar seating, with fresh pastries displayed on cake stands along the bar. There's also a spacious patio, perfect for people-watching while you sip and snack. A live DJ plays at the cafe on select afternoons, amplifying its inviting vibe as a casual meet-up spot for coffee, wine, cocktails, and lunch. 

The cafe's hot drinks menu is comprehensive, adding to the essential barista repertoire with cold brew and nitro brew. They also carry a range of syrups, including sugar-free chocolate, plus indulgent boozy add-ins like Kahlua and Frangelico. Choose from whole, 2%, skim, oat, soy, or almond milk. Also, glance over to the cocktails section of the drinks menu for an Irish coffee and expresso-based craft cocktail. 

Two Arrows Coffee and Bar 

With its sophisticated yet approachable vibe, Two Arrows Coffee in the heart of Vail Village is always a serious contender for the best coffee shop in Vail. The cool venue embraces the concept of a "marriage" of a coffee shop and cocktail bar while creating an inclusive community space. They focus on quality ingredients and ethical sourcing, which for coffee means working with Color Coffee Roasters in Eagle, Colorado.  

Your favorite kind of coffee is almost certainly on the menu, be it a macchiato, cortado, or Americano. Drip and cold brew coffees are available, as are coffee-adjacent chai, turmeric, and matcha lattes. Most barista drinks are available in two or three sizes with options for oat or almond milk and vanilla or caramel shots. You'll be tempted to order a freshly baked croissant, muffin, or coffee cake to go with your morning brew. Two Arrows also has made-to-order fare like breakfast burritos, bagels and lox, and house-made quiche.  

Bean and Gone 

If you're staying at the Four Seasons Resort in Vail, it won't be long before you discover Bean and Gone, the coffee shop on the fifth floor. However, you don't need to be an overnight guest to visit the coffee shop. Order a top-quality, freshly roasted coffee and perhaps a delicious pastry or snack at this hidden gem just steps from Vail Mountain. As a bonus, you'll get to check out one of Vail's finest properties during your quest for the best coffee in Vail.  

Yeti's Grind 

Yeti's Grind is a popular local chain with venues in Vail, Edwards, and Eagle, and undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in Vail. If you think you might enjoy a cheerful vibe, rustic mountain decor with a playful Yeti motif, and specialty lattes with foam art, this coffee shop is a must-visit venue. Their food menu is also notable, starring bagels, sammies, burritos, and toasts, plus sweet and savory baked goods.  

The coffee menu is divided into traditional drinks (espresso, macchiato, cortado, cappuccino, and Americano) and specialty lattes. The latter comprises ten creative combinations of flavors, including classic sweet treats like the Karma Nut with caramel and hazelnut or the Yin Yang Yeti with chocolate and white chocolate. Try one of the more uncommon flavor combinations like honey and lavender or the Lone Star with chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne. Classic or creative, you know which coffee camp you're in! 

Loaded Joe's 

Loaded Joe's is a full sit-down restaurant that puts as much emphasis on coffee as it does its signature booze, good eats, and music. This laid-back eatery is a locals' favorite that's equally welcoming to out-of-towners and proudly serves some of the best coffee in Vail. Only 100% Arabica beans, sourced from Seattle-based Thruline Coffee Co. and brewed at the peak of freshness, make it into your cup. Your favorite classic coffee orders are available, as are iced lattes and more elaborate concoctions like the Milky Way coffee and the Nutty Irishman.  

Loaded Joe's in Vail (there's another one in Avon) is off the resort in the Austria Haus. It's a cozy, inviting space with counter and table seating inside, plus cafe tables and fire pits on the patio. Along with coffee and smoothies, they have breakfast and lunch menus dominated by sandwiches and burritos. The restaurant has a full bar, so expect more of a pub vibe if you visit later in the day.  

Joe's Famous Deli 

Joe's Famous Deli and Homemade Ice Cream, in the heart of Vail Village, is locally famous for its 24 homemade ice cream flavors. It also boasts some of the best coffee in Vail, and there's absolutely no reason not to order both! Also competing for your attention are a fried egg breakfast sandwich served all day, soups, salads, and a popcorn wagon. The deli gets its top-notch coffee from a local roaster, Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co, a company that focuses on sustainability while sourcing organic, single-origin coffees from all over the world.  

The hot drinks menu has all the essential coffee options and offers helpful details about ratios and which orders feature "a lot of foam." Coffee aficionados with a sweet tooth might enjoy such confections as the candy bar-inspired Cafe Snickers or the Eye Opener Shake. It combines the deli's homemade vanilla ice cream with milk and a double shot of espresso.  

The Little Diner 

The Little Diner embraces the nostalgia of a classic American diner, which naturally means serving a really good cup of coffee. Along with its all-day menu, the locally owned and operated diner offers Farmer Brothers Coffee in classic drip versions and a selection of premium coffees. You can combine the timeless comfort of grabbing a counter stool at the neighborhood diner with the contemporary pleasure of ordering a latte or espresso with almond milk. The diner also suggests adding a shot of Irish whisky or a liqueur to your favorite hot coffee drink. And a short stack of pancakes, perhaps? 

Ready to Order the Best Coffee in Vail? 

When it's time to head home from your vacation at Vail Resort, you might conclude that the best coffee in Vail is at your hotel's own cafe, the buzzing cocktail bar down the street, or the grab-and-go shack at the top of the mountain. Wherever you sipped that perfect cup of coffee, it was sure to be memorable.