Snow Sliding Devices

Wondering if your toys are welcome on the mountain? Here, we’ve compiled a list of devices that are allowed, restricted (within certain parameters), and prohibited.

Allowed Devices


Must have a device to stop runaway equipment (such as bindings with brakes).


Must have a device to stop runaway equipment (such as straps, leashes, or appropriate bindings).

Telemark Skis

Must have a device to stop runaway equipment (such as leashes).


Must have a device to stop runaway equipment (such as bindings with brakes).


Must have a device to stop runaway equipment (such as straps, leashes or appropriate bindings).

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Prohibited Devices

Body Sled

Affixing sleds or skis to your body is dangerous. Why would you want to do that?

Ski Trikes

The snow trike's footprint is too wide to safely load/unload chairlifts.

Bicycle-converted Snowbikes

Only factory snobikes/skibikes as defined are allowed. No homemade snowbikes allowed.

Plastic Snowboards

Plastic snowboards, i.e. lacking metal edges, are considered toys. Not allowed.

Snow Scooter

This type of device is best suited for smaller hills. Not acceptable anywhere at the resort.


This sled-like device is not allowed anywhere at the resort.


This body-board like device is not allowed anywhere at the resort.

Inflatable Snow Toys

Tubes, sleds, forts, and other inflatable toys are not allowed.


Toboggans, sleds, and discs are not allowed.


Toboggans, sleds, and discs are not allowed.


Toboggans, sleds, and discs are not allowed.

Restriction Details

Restricted Devices with an * above involve the following parameters:
Allowed under following parameters:
  • Bike must have no more than two (2) skis.
  • Must have metal edges on skis.
  • Must have a seat.
  • Only one (1) rider per bike.
  • Must be designed to load lift without requiring slowing or stopping.
  • Must be loaded within envelope of chair; bike counts as rider on chair lift.
  • No homemade bikes.
  • MUST wear leash at all times (on lift & on slope)
  • May be restricted in certain areas and lifts for safety concerns.

Snowshoes and Fat Bikes 
Contact the Nordic Center (970-476-8366) to learn about where the use of these devices might be permitted.
Tube use, if available, will be an activity we manage in a specified tubing zone wherein our equipment must be used. Only allowed in designated Vail Mountain Tubing Area. Contact Guest Services (970- 754-3059) for more information.
Sleds, Toboggans, and Discs:
These devices are not allowed on the mountain. 
Adaptive Devices:
All adaptive devices must be able to be safely loaded and unloaded from passenger tramways.
If you have a question about whether your device is prohibited or allowed, contact resort personnel. No homemade devices allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You most certainly can! You have two options:  on-mountain (where you can select from a variety of gear that you can touch and feel), and online (from or one of our retail partners).
Our Nordic Center rents cross-country skis and snowshoes, as well as alpine touring and splitboarding gear (in tandem with guided workshops). In our demo shops, you can try the latest in ski and snowboarding technologies. Our rental shops offer a wide variety of ski and snowboarding packages fit for most guests.
Learn more at, visit us on the mountain, or call our vacation experts at (877) 725-7213 for further information.
This is totally up to you, or better yet, the advice of your ski instructor! Some beginners find poles useful, while others prefer to learn to ski without poles.
We recommend taking a ski lesson and speaking with your instructor as soon as you hit the slopes.
Welcome: we’re so excited you’ve decided to give snowsports a try! This decision is totally up to you, so select whichever method of descending the mountain appeals most to you! 
Book a lesson today, and let our Ski & Ride School professionals show you the ropes.
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