Make that perfect turn, discover the ultimate run and reach your next level. Whether you want to master new techniques or experience more of the mountain, get back to Ski and Snowboard School and take control of your on-mountain goals.
Adult Lessons

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Beginner Ski Lesson

Best for skiers levels 1-4. Build confidence while mastering the foundational skills to get you to the next level.
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Beginner Snowboard Lesson

Best for snowboarders levels 1-4. Learn and improve upon your fundamentals and move on to learning new skills and techniques.
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Intermediate Ski Lesson

Best skiers for levels 5+. Improve your strength, refine your turns, and explore new terrain.
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Intermediate Snowboard Lesson

Best for snowboarders levels 5+. Gain the confidence to tackle new and more challenging terrain.
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Private Ski Lesson

Best for all skiers levels. A private coach will personalize the lesson to best match individual skill levels and styles.
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Private Snowboard Lesson

Best for all snowboarder levels! Our private lesson instructors will help you explore the mountain and skip lift lines.
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