Kids Adventure Games
Designed for kids ages 6-14, the Kids Adventure Games is the premiere kids obstacle-adventure race in the country.
Daily: Aug 07 - Aug 11
Featuring an obstacle-adventure course set in picturesque locations around the country, in teams of two, kids bike and trek a 3+ mile course while encountering both natural and man made obstacles like mud pits, cargo nets, zip lines, water obstacles, rope courses, giant slip n slides and more. Multiple waves and start times maintains excitement throughout the event, and the natural terrain of each location makes each event unique and one-of-a-kind. In addition to the race, we also host a Family Adventure Zone with interactive recreational activities put on my our sponsors, including climbing walls, slack lines, cheer card stations, and more. Prior to the race a skills clinic is offered by local experts giving participants the opportunity to learn skills necessary for the race and build confidence with their teammates.