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Vail Ski and Snowboard School

Refine your skills with a personal guide to the mountain.

Vail ski and snowboard school

Lessons: Not just for beginners

The thought of a ski and snowboard school for most people likely conjures up memories of when they first learned the sport. 

During your first lesson, you may also fondly remember the fulfilling experience of graduating from the bunny slopes to your first green run. After learning a few key fundamentals like safety, stopping, turning both directions and how to ride lifts the majority of our students “graduate” from ski and snowboard school experiences. 

Here's why those lessons should be just the start of your Ski and Snowboard School journey. 


What makes Vail unique in the realm of destination mountain resorts is that our mountain offers a virtually endless variety of both terrain and conditions - all of which are boundless fun when combined with the right skills. 

Most skiers and riders are proficient at one or possibly two types of terrain and conditions. The beauty of our sports is that they have evolved to include specialized sub-disciplines. You might even hear the a local self-identify as member of one of the following clans: “steeps”, “bumps”, “trees”, “terrain parks”, “powder”  or “racing”. 

My thought has always been, why limit yourself? 

All these "types" offer exciting, unique sensations. In any of our lesson products you can call out what terrain or conditions you are interested in learning to ski or ride better and we will tailor a lesson experience to enhance your skills in that environment.  



Ski and snowboard equipment technology has changed drastically in last twenty years. 

Many of the newer features on skis and snowboards are designed to be more efficient – less work. Back in the day skiers and riders needed to perform large, gross movements to make the equipment function properly. Our teaching pros are experts at helping you to understand and learn how to make adjustments to your movement patterns in order to enhance your skills. The Max 3 small group lesson offering specializes in technique tuneups.

I liken these lessons to taking your car in to the shop for periodic maintenance. Just like it is hard for your car to perform properly without proper maintenance; it is difficult get the most of your mountain experience without a tune up from a qualified teaching pro. 

The additional benefit is your new found efficiency will allow you to ski or ride for longer, which means more time to create lasting memories of your experience. 


Renting, demoing or owning your equipment are all examples of investing in your mountain resort experience. Much like equipment can be a limiting factor on your ability, your skills can also limit your ability to get the most out of your equipment. 

Without getting too technical, how you stand and balance through the turn on your skis or snowboard can either set you up to work with or against your equipment. 

Teaching pros work with you to make certain your equipment and your technique are playing for the same team. Additionally, pros can help you sort through the infinite varieties of ski and snowboard equipment types in today’s market place to find the gear that matches your specific needs and desires.  


If you are still not convinced of the benefits of “continuing education” with the Vail Ski & Snowboard School, consider how nice it would be to have someone with an insider’s perspective on the mountain itself. 

The enormity of Vail is hard to grasp. Your teaching pro knows how to work with you and your ability level to take your experience to a whole new level. It is one thing to know all the trails, but is another thing to understand when and where to take you for solitude, optimal conditions, and breath-taking views. 

Use our teaching pros' knowledge of the mountain to your benefit.   


The Vail Ski &Snowboard School is more than just a beginner experience. We have years of experience with enhancing intermediate and advanced skiers and riders precious time here at Vail Mountain. Let us help you increase your efficiency and effectiveness, or simply, allow use to share our back yard with you. You will be surprised what you can learn while skiing with one of our pros. 

Author Jason Schetrompf is the Location Manager for the Adult Ski and Snowboard School at Golden Peak. Originally from Pennsylvania, he has been enjoying the Colorado Mountains since 2006. In addition to his duties at Vail, Jason enjoys working with other instructors as an Examiner with American Association of Snowboard Instructors – Rocky Mountain. He also writes instructional articles and is the Lead Author of the Snowboard Technical Manual for PSIA/AASI – National.


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